Rons Pool Care - Ooiska okay product bad customer service

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used ooiska 3-step system for 2 years, after using for a while i really figured out that my hair really wasn't falling out but breaking due to dryness.i have a medical conidition that causes this.

kept using the products and it really helped with my hair getting and keeping moisture.

customer service is the reason i NO LONGER use the product. ive got 5 tubes of the conditioner and no shampoos and nite time spray. i contacted customer service 1st time and requested that i be sent 2 shampoos and no conditioner, they said no problem next shipment would be 2 shampoos and nite time spray.

got the shipment and i got shampoo/nite spray and no conditioner... called they said they would send the 2nd shampoo ive never got the shampoo or conditioner and was charged the full amount. gave up basically on that. tried again to only get shampoo they promised i would get 2 shampoos etc,,, i got the shipment and it was shampoo, conditioner and spray.

i called and complained. i was tolded i wasnt in their system and treated like i was lying. this happened alot so i let them ask their questions etc.. and then i would give them my account # on the shipping label.

ive used this product for 2 years or more. why isnt my name in the system or address or phone # ??????

anyway the last time i cancelled and told them how i felt about the product but their customer service was horrible and customer service was the reason i was givin up on the product.

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